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The About Page. April 9th, 2015.

New organizations for pages on gasifiers and tertiary treatment. TAGS: water recovery, gasifiers, downdraft gasifiers, plasma gasifiers

Nexterra Dec 22/2014 FB

DEC 22 Derman. Derman on gasification. Part of the huge cost of the Seaterra project was the FOUR biodigesters they planned to build at Hartland. $265,000,000. About $2,400 capital cost for every household. These biodigesters would only deal with roughly half of the solids. The remainder was going to be trucked to Vancouver to be burned as fuel! Vic got a quote for $40,000,000 for a gasification plant that would produce about 95% energy and 5% slag.

JAN 10th This is well discussed in “FB: The RITE Plan” which you are very welcome to join. In general, though, incinerators put out a lot of CO2 and other debris. They are considered “dirty.” They operate at normal furnace temperatures or slightly above. Gasifiers, by contrast, operate at 700 to 1499 degrees Centigrade. and turn biosolids into syngas. They can be used for heat or making steam, but since heat demand is very variable, it is often best to focus them on synfuel that can be stored or shipped. Here’s a very quick summary:…/Biomass_1_Choosing-a-Gasification…
Dave Godfrey’s photo.

Something for Bamberton and its kilns? Vic Derman has been a long-time proponent of dealing with the full waste stream. That is, sludge and non-recyclable waste (NRW) have some things in common. We should support him. Here is a form of gasification (in a small town) that would work on sludge, NRW and forest wastes. These could all be barged in to Bamberton efficiently. Lahti is a town in Finland about halfway in pop between Victoria and Saanich. Metso is a firm that provides equipment for mining and power-generation– based in Finland. This town of 100,000 built a demo plant in 1998 and OPENED a full-scale plant in 2012. Note their emphasis on cleaning the syngas after production and before burning it.…/Case%20Study%201%20Lahti%2…


Old barley varieties revived.  Chevallier barley brought back  for beer lovers. Dr Chris Ridout

Algae to Diesel. Another attempt to make oil via natural processes.

How to make willow fences Wonders of osiers and willows.

Good News: 1 Prices of solar panels continue to drop.

Natural Wine Sales surge in France.

This blog was originally a selection of Posts of Merit from a variety of sources. Just stuff I liked and wanted to be able to find.

Original Topics were: Arts, Sustainability, Political Economy, Food and Wine. (Is there anything else?)

Recent: Food: three-sisters-gif-plan


Planting the Three Sister Garden: Beans, Squash and Corn

Now (2013) it’s a larger blog with 9 divisions/diversions.

  • Wine
  • Food
  • Farms
  • Skeptics
  • Travel
  • Library
  • Clans
  • Harold
  • Money

And I will probably add something about Logic:

And I should put together the segments on world resources and a summary of that: why Malthus was right (except he didn’t know about oil) and why he’s right now (unless we do solar (and sustainable) power correctly).

And roses in potatoes:


The Original Query was:

Which of these images is the most expressive of snow: A.

or B:

Given the odds of Facebook succuming to the pox of greed or the decay of tyrannies, it seems useful to have a place where interesting material (to me at least) can be available in a fashion where it can be moved, copied, edited, removed etc.

Who knows if WordPress will or will not follow Facebook and go for the huge bucks sometimes, but at least it’s easy to keep an archive and (so far) easy to remove what needs to be removed.

These posts are eclectic by design. (See Ludovico Carracci, who died in Bologna in 1619. And his cousins.) A little art, a little farming, lots of travel, a few bete noirs, some Innis and some post-Innis, etc etc.



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