Girona the Beautiful

Girona by Day Dave Godfrey April, 2012

As Europe struggles with its soul (not just its economy) what a pleasure to twice visit Girona, a city where the citizens seem to understand life and globalization seems to be a minor infection–one not likely to be tolerated long.

What could say it more but an image or two.

Nuria, Ellen, Cristina, young beauty of Girona

Les mouches de Girona

Apparently: the flies, human or chocolate, can be explained by Catalan myth: St Narcissus, one of Gerona’s patron saints, is buried in the city’s Romanesque cathedral. Legend has it that when the neighbouring French invaded (the Spanish know Gerona as the ‘city of 1,000 sieges’) they tore open Narcissus’ tomb, whereupon a swarm of flies drove the marauders from Gerona.

the queen ascends[/caption

General review of Girona:


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