More Honeybees!!! Please!

honeybeeMonsanto is working hard to kill them all. You can create a home for them.

And live alone in a bee-loud glade, if you like.
What they like is lots of flowering plants: spring, summer and fall.

Select single flower tops such as daisies and marigolds, rather than double flower tops such as double impatiens. Double headed flowers look showy but produce much less nectar and make it much more difficult for bees to access pollen.

Skip the highly hybridized plants, which have been bred not to seed and thus produce very little pollen for bees.

Honey Bees love everything with flowers.  Herbs, wildflowers, berries,  grains, squash. But they have preferences if given a choice.

Bees love fruit trees.  In the vineyard garden we have a very large Ornamental Plum, so we get the benefits of early flowers and a week or two of hi-fi hummmmming.
The best site on all this is probably the

bee conservancy.

But Berkeley also has a good site.
They note that: “some flowers are more attractive to bees than others. The more of these attractive flowers planted in the same place, the better! One of the most interesting results of our research is that bees have preferences, not only for the flowers they pollinate, but for the gardens they visit. Gardens with 10 or more species of attractive plants attracted the largest number of bees. In these kinds of gardens, even those plants known to be less attractive, received higher levels of visits.”

ver 1–2013–6-20


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