Core Exit. Coming Soon to a Coast Near You.

monique hardenWHEN the first tanker spills off the BC coast.

IF the Canadian Coast Guard has some working ships.

Then the clean-up begins.We are told.

How do you clean up millions of litres of dilbit? Nobody really knows.

But certainly the Clark Cabinet will not be out on those boats working the waters. And why not?

Because they will have been warned in advance that the materials used to clean up oil–and they will have nothing to use against a dilbit spill except what has been used against oil–are at least as toxic as oil if not more so.

If you want to know what happens to people who work in these clean-ups, then you need to start following the work of groups, such as the lawyers who formed AEHR:

Here is a sample of what they are finding as thousands of workers and shrimpers and fishermen come down with chronic illness from Corexit and the oil it disperses. Both cleanup and dispersal being toxic ambiguities.

Their site is:

Here’s a sample of what they are finding.

BP Oil Spill Disaster and Severe ailing Health Problems.
Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 2013-06-18 02:10.

Thank you for your article. I never knew the oil spill could really be the cause of mine and my husbands severe and rapid decline in health. We have both been very ill since the oil spill and getting worse by the day. There are good doctors here on the coast that do their best with what they have to work with or should I say a handful do, the others, well I won’t even comment. To put it plainly the medical care was already sub par here on the gulf coast. Compound that with the additional mysterious ailments and no insurance and most including me and my husband are left to fend for ourselves to find answers or treatment and the doctors are even more baffled at the mysteries presented to them each visit but don’t exactly make the effort to connect the dots. Unless its something a doctor can read test or obtain a report on, they’re not likely to look any further.

I’ll never forget when I became sick nor will I ever forget how quickly it took over my life. I can barely walk most days, my hands are crippled and my fingers stay stuck in a curled position into the palm of my right hand and it is spreading to my other fingers and my other hand, my left knee, my legs and both feet. I wheeze like I’ve never done before and even have a constant nagging cough. The reaction we have to the slightest chemical smell is like our lungs are on fire. I have mysterious blisters that pop up in various places, lumps and bumps under the skin on my elbow, inside of leg, my back etc. in addition to having several bouts of “gastritis and colitis attacks, I won’t even go into the severe abdominal pain. I even spent two days in the hospital as a mystery all to be sent home with no answers. My hands and feet without warning will swell and turn fire hot red. I suffer horrific indescribable constant pain in which I am now on pain management for that is hardly ever under control. My doctors are baffled by the slew of unexplainable mystery symptoms. I’ve been tested and retested for the various diseases that typically present similar symptoms for other various diseases all to no avail.

My husband was in the water building a pier when the oil came in and continued working for the next three weeks in the water, all while they “cleaned up the oil” with Corexit. We live in Biloxi, MS. and at the time were directly across the street from the beach, we didn’t move far and currently live under a mile from the water. When I leave the area I do get some relief. We were trained for the oil spill clean-up so we could voluntarily help clean our beaches. Boy do we ever regret touching the tar balls. Tar balls came in with the tide and for the longest time we were told the beaches and our sea food were just fine, I suppose they still are because they say so huh? Each day for what seemed an eternity we breathed in the sweet smell of crud oil and Corexit and God knows what else was blowing our way. My husband has a severe cough now to the point that he cannot speak two words without an attack that will last for what seems like an eternity and he nearly chokes to death because he cannot breathe. He coughs up blood, has various gastrointestinal problems, he is going blind in both eyes, he cannot sleep without stopping breathing several times per night, he swells, has trouble walking too and blood pressure is through the roof. Oh I forgot his psoriasis that was nearly all but gone but prior to the oil spill immediately flared up within 4-5 days of oil spill and has now completely taken over his body in places he never had before. Neither one of us can work anymore because we’re so sick. My brother lived with us during that time until a few months ago and is also now sick with weird ailments. His feet and the painful blisters in between his toes are the worst for him. He also had to have surgery to remove a very large lipoma that mysteriously grew the size of an orange in only a short time after the spill.

Every day I research online our strange chronic symptoms and this time happened across information about Corexit. It’s all starting to make sense now and as close as I am to giving up, maybe there is hope after all, we’ll to at least find answers. I’m not confident we’ll find a doctor to help us get well again. I thought at least it would be worth posting a comment just in case there is another person like me out there trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with them and there family. Thanks again for the info.


Maybe this might help
Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2013-06-27 16:23.

There is a website called Curezone that has many, many forums on it, for people like yourself who can’t find the answers to their health problems. If you post there and ask for help, there a many kind souls, some of whom have had to become experts because their doctors wouldn’t have anything to do with them, or simply admitted they couldn’t help them.

They helped me years ago, when as a volunteer emt-i / firefighter I became really ill with what was then diagnosed as incurable fibromyalgia…If it hadn’t been for Curezone and some wonderful people, I don’t know what I would have done.

I hope this helps,




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