Small is Beautiful. Badges for the Committed.

Here’s an entrepreneur working to popularize the market garden vision. Joe Wirtheim wants to give some badges this month (July 2013).  All you have to do is go to Facebook and find the Victory Garden of Tomorrow.

Enlist in The Future: VGoT Badges
There’s great power in small places.
VGoT badges are easy to sew           
            I can’t help but to smile when I touch one of these new graphic badges. They are substantial to hold and are so expressive, like little vintage toys. And when I think about the story of badges, I think about wilderness pioneering or space exploration–they represent the spirit of adventure to me. Take a look at our 3 new embroidered felt graphic badges. Each one comes mounted to a letterpressed collector’s card: Now Available: $7+SH Made in the United States.
VGoT Break New Ground badge           
Each one of these first edition badges are special. “Break New Ground” has been a rallying cry for people interested in trying something new in their neighborhoods, cities and lives. “Farmer’s Market Community” represents the sea change in how folks can get fresh foods outside the supermarket, as well as how neighbors connect. And the flying beet “Victory Garden of Tomorrow” badge, for me, represents the exuberance of discovering new modes of life and community in America.
VGoT Farmer's Market Community badge           
            I want to give away a bunch of these badges in July. All you have to do is go to Facebook and give “The Victory Garden of Tomorrow” Page a “Like.” Then look for announcements over the coming weeks.
Thank you for your support! Please stay in touch
Poster Prints
VGoT Badges           
Graphic Badges
Limited Edition Screen-Prints
Postcard pack

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