Twyla Roscovich
August 3

Welcome Ruby Lynn Ross, born Aug 1st 9lbs, 14oz. She’s one super-duty, rock and roll baby. — with Paul Ross.
Unlike · · ShareTy-Leigh Whiteley Oh my, look at those chub cheeks already! Absolutely gorgeous, and beautiful names. Congrats
August 3 at 7:48am via mobile · Like
Adam Siddartha Awwwww! the pear dropped!!
Hooray and Congratulations Twyla !
August 3 at 7:50am via mobile · Like
Alexandra Morton Welcome little Ruby, you made a good choice of parents. I look forward to seeing you grow and flourish.
August 3 at 7:50am · Like · 3
Mark Pandzich congrats Twyla!
August 3 at 7:55am · Like
Laila Yuile omg, so cute!! Congratulations to all of you.. many exciting days ahead and I agree with Alexandra Morton – she did choose some exceptional parents.
August 3 at 7:57am · Like · 1
Tammy Dingwall Gorgess picture of two flawless ladies!
August 3 at 7:57am · Like
Tiffany Cappellani Uribe Congrats twyla she’s beautiful!
August 3 at 7:58am via mobile · Like
Geoffrey McNamara Wow! Congrats!
August 3 at 7:59am · Like
Anne Kelly Oh my, so beautiful. Congratulations!
August 3 at 8:04am · Like
Roger Crowther Beautiful & Congrats!
August 3 at 8:05am · Like
Rob Williams Congratulations!!
August 3 at 8:08am via mobile · Like
Mike McEwen Nice to see a baby born into the world that will no doubt be brought up to appreciate it. Congratulations.
August 3 at 8:13am via mobile · Like · 1
Jim O’Donnell wow! congrats to you twala
August 3 at 8:13am · Like
Caroline Olafsson Wonderful! Congratulations…
August 3 at 8:16am · Like
Scott Rogers Love, health and happines to you three. No doubt she will be a righteous rock roll woman.
August 3 at 8:17am · Like · 1
Shari Tarantino Precious! Congratulations…
August 3 at 8:21am · Like
Howard Breen Love Beings
August 3 at 8:24am · Like
Eve Ling beautiful….baby & mama xox!
August 3 at 8:25am · Like
Erika Rolston Twyla and Paul – with all our love, congratulations. Welcome to the world, Ruby – I look forward to getting to know you!
August 3 at 8:25am · Like
Lorelie Chickaan Chilli Munroe Congrats Twyla!
August 3 at 8:31am via mobile · Like
Sarah Thomas beautiful! Enjoy every second!
August 3 at 8:33am · Like
Wendy Clarke Good job Twyla. She is beautiful. Congratulations. I look forward to meeting her.
August 3 at 8:34am · Like
Candice Griffith Beautiful !! Congrats Twyla welcome to the best of all experiences
August 3 at 8:43am via mobile · Like
Mark Worthing wow. amazing
August 3 at 8:45am · Like
Bobbi Chill Beautiful! Congratulations!
August 3 at 8:45am · Like
Stephen Legault So beautiful, both of you. She is going to have a great life.
August 3 at 8:46am · Like
John Faithful Hamer Congratulations! I can’t wait to meet her, Paul.
August 3 at 8:48am · Like
Corey Peet Beautiful Twyla, congratulations!
August 3 at 8:48am · Like
Elaine Willis Beautiful, congratulations!!!!!
August 3 at 8:49am · Like
Robyn Smith Congrats my friend! I’m so happy for you and for you little gem!!!! xoxo
August 3 at 8:55am via mobile · Like
Darren Blaney Congratulations to your new family. Many Blessings
August 3 at 8:58am · Like
Becky Brimley Congratulations beautiful Mama and welcome to the earth darling Ruby!
August 3 at 9:01am · Like
Kate Brauer
August 3 at 9:08am · Like
Bon Ita Beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!
August 3 at 9:08am via mobile · Like
James T Bircher OMG! Congratulations.
August 3 at 9:08am · Like
Josh Dobbs Whoa, congratulations to you both!!
August 3 at 9:09am · Like · 1
Louise Pauline Reynolds Congratulation on your new addition she is beautiful!
August 3 at 9:09am via mobile · Like
Charlene Barringham congrats to you and your partner on your new baby, beautiful picture of both of you
August 3 at 9:16am · Like
Tif Hamer
August 3 at 9:17am · Like
Addie Hollingsworth <3congrats!!! so precious
August 3 at 9:23am · Like
Chris Del Favero wonderful
August 3 at 9:25am · Like
Angela Smailes Welcome Ruby!!! Way to go guys!!!!!!!!
August 3 at 9:27am · Like · 1
Lunabelle Loiseau-Tremblay Yes! Griffin was 9.1! Hurrah for fat babies, woot! Good job, Twyla! Loves to you and little Ruby Lynn!
August 3 at 9:33am via mobile · Like · 2
Hazen Sage ((()))
August 3 at 9:47am via mobile · Like
Jessie Demaree Woohoo! what were you going to name her if she turned out a boy?
August 3 at 9:49am · Like · 1
Charles Justice Congrats Twyla. I'm so happy for you.
August 3 at 9:49am · Like
Winter No Pipelines Thompson Congratulations!!!
August 3 at 10:01am · Like
Christie McMillan Congratulations!!!!
August 3 at 10:05am · Like
Andrew Williams So happy for you. Beautiful picture of you both.
August 3 at 10:07am · Like

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Aanii NO Enbridge Niitchkehuk Welcome lil one
August 3 at 10:10am · Like
David Laughlin Congratulations Twyla!
August 3 at 10:16am · Like
Angelina Tong Beautiful pic of you to! Congrats! Love the name~
August 3 at 10:19am · Like
Robert Hartman Congrats to Twyla and Paul. Helo Ruby !
August 3 at 10:19am · Like
Brian Rose Awesome! Congratulation! Welcome Ruby. Twyla, 9lbs 14oz is healty and huge. my hats off to you.
August 3 at 10:21am · Like
Mark Titus Congratlations Twyla!
August 3 at 10:27am · Like
Helena Symonds Welcome Ruby! Great name!, Lovely picture and lots of love and best wishes…Helena
August 3 at 10:27am · Like · 1
Ethan Bell Congratulations Twyla! Shes beautiful!
August 3 at 10:27am · Like
RoByn Hart Zell Congratulations!!! You both look Beautiful! Stunning picture!
August 3 at 10:45am via mobile · Like
Theresa Marie Gerritsen Gasp! Wonderful news dear one!!!
August 3 at 11:00am · Like
Laurie Watt Congratulations, Twyla! Best wishes always
August 3 at 11:04am · Like · 1
Paul J. Dugal Way to go Twyla, beautiful couple……
August 3 at 11:05am · Like
Dave Anderson That a girl! Congrats – also to Paul!
August 3 at 11:16am · Like · 1
Shannon Vanderheide She is beautiful and I love her name. Congratulations!
August 3 at 11:45am · Like · 1
Beverly Dobko Hintzen Congratulations
August 3 at 11:47am · Like · 1
Margaret Ahab love!
August 3 at 11:57am · Like · 1
Robert Enfield awesome
August 3 at 12:14pm · Like
Erin Lynne Hunter Congratulations!!! So happy she chose you two for her parents! She must have quite the plan for this life
August 3 at 12:30pm via mobile · Like · 2
Ernest Hoffman Congratulations to the three of you! You both look lovely!
August 3 at 12:45pm · Like · 1
Rod Smith Congrats Twyla!
August 3 at 1:06pm · Like
Anja Schlageter Poole Congratulations to all of you!!!!!
August 3 at 1:37pm · Like
Rhum Lawrence A huge congrats to Los Tres
August 3 at 2:46pm · Like · 1
Catherine Welsh Welcome to the world beautiful little Ruby! Congratulations Twyla. She is beautiful
August 3 at 2:51pm · Like
Laddie Kuta Yeah Twyla!!! Congrats to all three of you.
August 3 at 2:54pm · Like · 1
David Briggs Congratulations Twyla!
August 3 at 3:44pm · Like · 1
Alex Beaudin Welcome to this world little One!
August 3 at 3:50pm · Like · 1
Liana Sommerfeld WOW!!!! Such a beautiful photo. Congrats Twyla……motherhood is the best!
August 3 at 3:55pm · Like
Leah Seltzer You are an inspiration!! She is one lucky babe. Blessings!!
August 3 at 4:56pm · Like · 2
Sarah LaGroix Congratulations!
August 3 at 5:06pm via mobile · Like
Dawn Webb Congratulations Twyla – this is an amazing pic of the two of you. Beautiful
August 3 at 5:10pm via mobile · Like
Terri Melloway Beautiful! Comgratulations Twyla and gorgeous Bub!
August 3 at 6:04pm · Like
Midge Katherine Jager-Mcilroy Oh Twyla, so Beautiful!!!
August 3 at 6:06pm · Like · 1
Trish Furrie Congratulations Twyla!
August 3 at 6:55pm · Like
Tending Ethers April Omgosh! So beautiful! Huge hugs and love!! xo
August 3 at 7:42pm · Like · 1
Chris Picard Wonderful!! Congrats!!
August 3 at 8:19pm · Like · 1
Erin Driver Wow, amazing photo! I love it! Congratulations to you and Paul on your beautiful little girl!!
August 3 at 8:35pm · Like · 1
Dino B And Mama is a rockstar! Congratulations. It's an amazing adventure you have started. Wait until she smiles at you!
August 3 at 9:13pm via mobile · Like · 1
Lori Ravensbergen Congratulations!
August 3 at 9:16pm · Like · 1
Stefanie Cave What a beautiful picture. Congratulations to you all. She is beautiful
August 3 at 9:18pm via mobile · Like
Mae Jong So beautiful! Congrats! We were wondering when you wre going to pop!
August 3 at 9:54pm via mobile · Like
Almudena Miles Aww! Little chubby cheeks!
August 3 at 9:57pm · Like
Luanne Roth It is amazing. Another person already.
August 3 at 10:10pm · Like
Josee Tremblay beautiful mom and baby!congrats
August 3 at 10:20pm · Like
Christine Van Den Meerssche What a blessing!!! Wishing you a wonderful family life & many adventures, with your new daughter.
August 3 at 10:42pm · Like
Gnat A-Tat Congratulations Twyla!!
August 3 at 10:51pm · Like
Honour McCann Wonderful!
Sunday at 12:42am · Like
Rune Jensen Congratulations Twyla, and welcome to the new princess
Sunday at 3:56am · Like
Gayle Timmons Beautiful women, both of you….congratulations, mom and dad….love to you
Sunday at 5:38am · Like
Adam Mollins congratulations Twyla you'll be a awesome mother
Sunday at 10:42am · Like
Rachelle van Zanten Stunning!!!!! So happy for you;)
Sunday at 2:36pm via mobile · Like
Ltg Uno Congrats Twyla and Paul! I can't wait to meet the little one! If you need anything…like ANYTHING, call me 604-909-2158. Xo
Sunday at 8:07pm via mobile · Like
Chrissy Witzke Wow! Congratulations you two!!! You both look beautiful!
Sunday at 8:46pm · Like
David Lutz Congratulations Twyla! Beautiful!
Sunday at 11:05pm · Like · 1
Malcolm Bruce Hepburn Best wishes to mother and child.
Monday at 7:37am · Like · 1
Heidi Krajewsky Welcome to the world! Congrats Twyla!
Monday at 6:23pm · Like
Anne Hill Congrats, and what a beautiful picture.
22 hours ago · Like · 1


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