Vignoles–Ravat 51

Looks very good.

If I have trouble importing Torrontes vines.

Widely grown NY State, Indiana, Missouri. Often termed cross between Pinot de Corton and Seibel 8665

But that may not be it. Genetic markers say nay.

parentage unknown. Previously thought to be from Ravat 51,  Seibel 8665 x Pinot de corton, but studies of genetic markers demonstrated this was inaccurate): cold hardy, moderate vigor and productivity, compact clusters, susceptible to bunch rots, makes a fruity, sweet wine.

Genetic marker  tests:

We tested several accessions of Vignoles (Ravat 51), an important parent in the Cornell grape breeding program. They were found to be identical and the data were consistent with Vignoles being a parent of a particular selection (data not shown). However, this study shows neither of the reported parents of Vignoles (Seibel 6905 x Pinot de Corton, a clone of Pinot noir) could be a parent of Vignoles (Group G). To the best of our knowledge, the two parents are correctly identified; therefore, it may be possible the tested Vignoles may not be Ravat’s actual selection 51.

Conclusion: Markers exclude both Pinot noir and Seibel 6905 as parents for Vignoles, though these are the reported parents.

In any case had good characteristics. 105 days from blood to harvest. But skins are tough. Can hang until November.


Vignoles grape

Only one grower in Canada.













Fielding Estate Vignoles 2010 ($35 for 200 ml, 92 points, only 38 cases made)

fielding vignoles


Like sticking your nose in a bowl of honey and lemon chiffon. Such a defined lemon-lime nose with fresh pineapple and honey notes. It’s textured, luxurious and concentrated on the palate with sweet lime pulp, candied citrus and red apple flavours to go with nice acidic structure, honey and length through the finish. A real treat.



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