Here are my eight tasks–with my priority
Collaborative, responsive, regional, transparent Politics
This is over-riding. I am appalled to see how difficult it is even to figure out how the CRD works, let alone to have a voice.
2. Voting 2018
Get this up to 50% turnout. A measureable goal.
With a BIG turnout of U-40’s.
3. Sewage
  • Tertiary
  • Collaborative
  • Distributed
  • Gasification
  • No P3
4. Transportation
  • Green–that is more linkages but fewer cars with a single passenger
  • bottom up planning
5. Real Sustainability
  • No more Leonard crap about planting a few trees and buying a few electrics cars getting us anywhere.
  • Municipal purchase and management of island forests as we move Saanich households away from fossil fuels and towards a neutral carbon footprint
  • Huge task–a single tree offsets only 48 lbs of CO2. A Saanich family is responsbile for about 40 tons of CO2 per annum
  • Green Funds for non-fossil power from individuals, investors and municipal tax base
  • rethink of the tree bylaw to make it incentive-driven: tax credits for carbon storage above some minimum requirement
6. Farms and urban containment
  • Just keeping the boundary where it lies now is essential, but inadequate
  • We need that land growing food
  • Which means municipal/trust ownership of land and
  • tax rebates to real farmers rather than low taxes for rich people to ride their horses around
7. Reform of the CRD
  • Which means figuring out how it works and
  • how we can move control to people who believe in CRRTP
8. Active Participation by voters –year round not once every 4 years
  • Support for SCAN and the resident associations
  • real roles for advisory boards
  • video of council meetings
  • town halls–regular and informativ