The Empty Chair

By Susan Musgrave and Friends
Posted December 12, 2014




Susan Musgrave
Original 4 December at 23:02 ·

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The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair

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Joan M. Baril Click on edit, then crop. Play around with the sliding lines. That is my advice here.
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Ingrid Philipp She looks so miserable
5 December at 06:17 · Like · 1

Dave Godfrey send it to the new yorker for their contest: best caption for this cartoon…
5 December at 06:19 · Like · 5

Mary Baker Susan, you have some very funny and clever Facebook friends! Still smiling at the comments…grimly.
5 December at 06:24 · Unlike · 1

Ian Gray Thanks John Oughton, I just quoted you as I shared this image.
5 December at 06:25 · Like · 1

Ingrid Philipp…/new…/article21966178/

New Jersey governor Chris Christie to meet Harper, lay wreath at National War…
5 December at 06:29 · Like

Meredith Egan Ingrid, she’s unhappy because Mr. Harper vetoed her other lover in the picture. I know who she’s lovin’ this Christmas…
5 December at 07:00 · Like

Barbara Hunt Thanks for the chuckles
5 December at 07:03 · Like

Ingrid Philipp We all know the rumour. I’m just focussing on the picture itself. The house looks unloved in. A real family would have a fire in the fireplace.
5 December at 07:04 · Like · 2

Andréa Ledding Maurice the beauty of your statement is that I’ve often thought of Elijah Harper (now deceased) and once asked him how he felt sharing a last name with Stephen…Susan Musgrave you always have superlative posts & comments but today this is one of my favourites and I have to tag two people b.c they didn’t believe me when we were in Ottawa Declan & Jonah read the comments: EVERYONE. KNOWS. #NotARumourIfTrue
5 December at 07:16 · Like

Donna Allard maybe it is a studio and not their home?
5 December at 07:20 · Like

Donna Allard certainly not a christmas photo..
5 December at 07:22 · Like

Ingrid Philipp Just noticed how my post said “unloved in” rather than un-lived (damn autocorrect)
5 December at 07:23 · Like · 1

Laurie Anne Fuhr Here I thought they were getting behind PEN.
5 December at 08:15 · Like

Johnny Pigeau That’s where the LOVE is.
5 December at 08:16 · Like · 1

Wendy Leslie The Stepford family.
5 December at 08:22 · Like

Jamie Reid It’s reserved for Harper the Wrecker’s silent partner, the one who really gives the marching orders.
5 December at 08:23 · Like

Michael Dennis She doesn’t look happy at all.
5 December at 08:29 · Like

Laurie Anne Fuhr I’m envious of their fancy stash box with a map of the world to show you where your pot came from. What money can buy. Can probably fit a few pounds in that sucker.
5 December at 08:39 · Like

Laurie Anne Fuhr Weird how they matched the painting to the urn though. The painting is so ugly it’s like a parody of the urn. “Hey look at me urn, I’m wearing your colours but I’m way bigger.” “Up yours, painting.”
5 December at 08:42 · Like · 4

Tina M Ooishi I think it is for the family ghost!
5 December at 09:16 · Like

Liz Maxwell Forbes it certainly isn’t a happy family photo..all of them look repressed…definitely lacking in inner joy…it is an odd publicity shot…the empty chair is weird.
5 December at 09:17 · Like · 3

James Poupore Mrs.Harper looks despondent.
5 December at 10:42 · Edited · Like

Laurie Anne Fuhr If I was the son I’d be the most non-chuffed… “It’s hard enough at school that my dad’s the most despised criminal PM of all time — do I *have* to wear a lilac-coloured sweater? And match my little sister?”. Poor bastard should be on suicide watch.
5 December at 10:41 · Like · 2

Laurie Anne Fuhr Harper’s Christmas tie makes him look rather Liberal. I bet he’d rather have a Blue Christmas despite all the bad PR from Elvis.
5 December at 10:42 · Like

Jamie Reid Maybe the silent partner is the Invisible Hand of the Market.
5 December at 10:51 · Like · 2

Judith Renaud Satire is bizarre at the best of times, maybe it’s Harper’s invisible friend.
5 December at 10:52 · Like

Joan Walter His late finance minister- what’s his name, who died last year. Could be him.
5 December at 11:08 · Like

Mac Farrant The urn needs to be on the chair.
5 December at 11:24 · Like · 2

David Berian Hopper The urn on the left is filled with the ashes of dead scientists
5 December at 13:08 · Like · 1

Leslie Mcbain Steve looks like he is photoshopped in. Weirdness
5 December at 13:40 · Like

Mel Sarnese Young Ben is a classmate of my daughter at University–no security around him. He seems to be a well-adjusted teenager with many friends.
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Olya Marko Mrs. Harpers has got those knees tightly clasped.
5 December at 17:11 · Like

Bill Code he saves it for Jesus. The Idiot.
5 December at 17:26 · Edited · Like · 2

Dave Godfrey UNLOVED IN sounds fitting also….although the kids look ok, especially the daughter–the other smiles all seemed so forced…
5 December at 17:28 · Like · 1

Ingrid Philipp Perhaps the chair is for sale to the highest bidder?
5 December at 18:38 · Like

Buck Dornster I’m seeing strange faces in the fireplace… anyone else?
5 December at 19:24 · Unlike · 2

Douglas Mackenzie Come on Mr. Code please don’t link the idiot with J.C. Kinda soils the cloth.
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Olya Marko church and state — separate hammocks.
5 December at 20:01 · Unlike · 1

Dave Godfrey it’s for you, the prodigal, the wastral, the lost. We’re just waiting for you to return to Jesus and Das Kapital; to give up your errant, hippy, owl-hugging, river-running, grizzly loving, Orca-riding ways and come to Ottawa and live this friggin’suffocating life we’re determined to pretend we enjoy…..
5 December at 20:06 · Edited · Unlike · 1

Robert Hilles Yes!
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Robert Arnold His wife is not smiling! In fact she looks mad.
6 December at 01:41 · Unlike · 3

Olya Marko The son is practically hiding his face.
6 December at 10:04 · Unlike · 1

Fergus Hearne It’s the cat’s chair!
6 December at 15:53 · Unlike · 1

Sharon McKay The Ghost of Christmas?
6 December at 17:11 · Like

Matthew Henley and they all look so cuddly
6 December at 22:03 · Like

David Young Gitche Manitou
Yesterday at 10:17 · Like

Olya Marko In my old community of Point Douglas, we would use the word ‘gotch’.
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Sonia Elisabetta Di Placido How very creamy & white
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Michael Boughn Actually, however hard he tries to look cuddly, Harper always looks like he is restraining himself from eating your liver . . .
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Bruce Meyer The empty chair is a tribute to the science research that won’t be done this year, to the artists who do more than sing questionable Guns and Roses songs and play a little piano, and to the countless civil servants who used to work for the Canadian gov…See More
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Olya Marko There’s such a feeling of despair. I appreciate your comments, Bruce Meyer.
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Stephen Reid Well said Bruce.
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Ruth Meta Maybe the chair is for the next time his son has a drunken party and a 15 year old has to go to the hospital with alcohol poisoning… she can rest there till the ambulance arrives…of course, we never heard much more about that, did we!
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