Keeping you informed on Site C: the six court challenges

a terrific site. I give it an A… Whoever gave it a C is nuts!!!

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Dear Friends,

We hope you are entering 2015 with the excitement and anticipation of knowing that 2015 is the year that we will put a stop to Site C for good!

Despite the fact that just before Christmas the BC government announced they intend to proceed with Site C, we are confident that it will not come to fruition as six court challenges have been launched against it!

As such, we thought you would appreciate some information on what these court cases are about. We think you’ll agree that they look very solid and have the potential not only to stop Site C, but also to set important precedent for the future of BC and Canada.

The court challenges are about: holding the federal and provincial governments accountable for the decision making processes that they designed and didn’t follow; and, protecting treaty rights, which have already been seriously eroded due…

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