ah, sun; 7-5-2012: we are born to heat; we endure cold

At last, the first real day of summer.

By 7:30 am the sun is full in the sky. I’ve had my oatmeal and my strawberries in yougurt and coffee. Robbie and I have done our tour of the Prevost vineyard and chased out two deer and closed both gates and cogitated on the state of the grapes.

Mathieu has replied to my email last night so John will be able to visit him in Morgon (and bring me home a bottle of Gamay, I trust). Sandra has posted a comic post about free trade within Canada. Peter Black, son of my math teacher in Cooksville asks me if I went to TLK; yes, Pete. Rebecca has sent a new picture of Ada. I’ve made a mulching pass with the GS30 on the front law and thought once again that I need to put up some electric fence and have the lambs graze this. Ho ho ho.

So all I need now is for this summer day to have about 300 hours in it so that I can get a small catch-up to my to do list. The water spirit signals that she’ll arrange this!

Thank you, Ada. Over and out.