Kobe Beef in Indiana

Have to look into this more and find the farm website. But. Here’s the start of Jane’s Road Trip in 2010.

Indiana Kobe

I’m following Alice Eshelman through a rural patchwork quilt of squares dotted with country cemeteries, barns and even Victorian era manses to her Heritage Farms, located about six miles from Roanoke in Northeastern Indiana.

Eshelman is the type of woman who takes her food so seriously that she was excited when her husband, Pete, gave her 40 Angus cows impregnated by Wagyu bulls for her 50th birthday. No diamonds for this gal.

Those pregnant cows were the perfect present because both Eschelman and her husband Pete have long had an interest in sustainable local agriculture – foods grown and produced close to home – as well as organic foods. It’s an interest that became even more important to them after the huge beef recalls last month. The pregnant cows at Heritage Farms were part of the Eshelmans’ ongoing quest for quality foodstuff to serve at Joseph Decuis (pronounced Day Kweeze), their high end restaurant in the charming hamlet of Roanoke, Indiana.

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The innovator was:  Shogo Takeda,