Rock of the Woods -2013

Kevin Rothbauer was at the festival all three days and tooks some great shots. Here’s his review.

Rock of the Woods scores big

Kevin Rothbauer / The Citizen July 30, 2013

Hannah Georgas demonstrates her Canada-wide appeal on the Rock of the Woods stage on Sunday afternoon. Photograph by: Kevin Rothbauer/Citizen.


Rock of the Woods promoter Dave Bain said prior to the music festival in Glenora last weekend that he thought 2013 would be “the year that puts us a step forward.”

He was right.

“It was what I hoped for,” he said. “We did some things this year that I don’t think other festivals are doing that fostered a community spirit.”

With a new venue and biggername acts than the festival had drawn before, Rock of the Woods took a big leap, attracting larger crowds, including both youthful hipsters and the families that Bain had coveted.

For more photos from the festival, check out our photo gallery (link at end of story). For a video sample of Deep Sea Gypsies click here.

“We’ve had a mixture of feedback,” said Bain. “Even when people were complaining about something, the first thing they would say was how nice everyone was, and that’s what makes a festival go. Most of the feedback has been around people discovering new bands.”

The three-day party at the Godfrey Brownell Winery kicked off on Friday afternoon with Duncan’s own Royal Canadians and wrapped up on Sunday afternoon with a mellow set from Victoria folkies Jon and Roy. In between, the audience was treated to a huge variety of sounds.

“We went more out of the box than the year before, and that was successful,” said Bain.

Friday night headliners the Monophonics blew the crowd away with their Bay Area funk. Pure entertainers, the band led by charismatic vocalist and organist Kelly Finnigan doubtlessly left a horde of new fans in their wake.

Saturday featured an eclectic mix of performers, including the gritty High Noon to Midnight, the captivating ’80s-influenced Bestie, classic rockers the Deep Sea Gypsies and edgy 2012 returnees Sunhawk. That all led to incredible nighttime shows from two Seattle bands: soulful duo Fly Moon Royalty and the eclectic Cave Singers.

The festival closed on Sunday with a triple threat. Charming Calgarian Michael Bernard Fitzgerald got the crowd going with his set of originals interspersed with covers of Dylan, Springsteen and Blink-182.

Next up was nationally renowned star Hannah Georgas with her blend of folk and pop.

Finally, the chilled-out Jon and Roy proved a perfect way to end the weekend.

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BUIKA: flamenco six minutes and others


and a mix:


AND A GREAT SONG: Ay de mi primavera
nine minute version


Sal de aquí por favor
No me mires así
Ahora quiero estar sola
Esta es mi voluntad
Tú ya no me harás dudar
Más de mi persona

Ya no quiero saber
Si me vas a condenar
Por buscar mi destino
Y si el día en el que marche
Me vas a enredar como siempre
Pa que no haga camino

Ay de mi primavera
Quién me devolviera
Lo que yo era, lento
Para encontrar un nuevo camino
Lento, lento, lento como yo

Mi futuro es mentira
El pasado me pesa y me sobra
Por el miedo ahora callo
Yo sé que me arde la boca

Y no debo calla
Porque voy buscando
Un camino lento
Yo voy bucando un camino lento

Yo voy buscando
Buscándote, buscándome
Y buscándote en él

Ay de mi primavera
Quién me devolviera
Lo que yo era, lento
Cuando respiraba lento
Cuando me movía lento
Lento como yo

Cuando tú me amabas lento
Cuando me besabas lento
Cuando me creías lento
Lento como yo


Salt here please
Don’t look at me thus
Now I want to be alone
This is my will
You already I won’t doubt
Most of my person

Now I don’t know
If I go to condemn
Looking for my destiny
And if the day that you turn
You gonna tangle as always
PA which does not make road

Woe is my spring
Who me back
What I was slow
To find a new path
Slow, slow, slow like me

My future is a lie
The past me and me sobra
Afraid I’ll now shut up
I know that the mouth is burning me

And I don’t need calla
Because I’m looking for
A slow pathway
I’m bucando a way slow

I’m looking for
Looking for you, looking for me
And looking for you in it

Woe is my spring
Who me back
What I was slow
When breathing slowly
When I moved slow
Slow like me

When you loved me slow
When kiss me slow
I thought when you slow
Slow like me

Chet Baker

Small trio, recorded in Sweden.

Chet is in great shape and the video is simple but clean.

Sonet Records on 30th June 1985 in Sweden.

Much later: but still good. Documentary. Lots of talk.

And with Getz:

great stuff; Getz really pushes him; he is so smooth and fluid when he`s on.

Zinamuva and Others

A great Zulu choir.

And another good piece from the series, playing for change.

And from a cameo from that: Toumani Diabate: 76th generation Kora player

And his good friend: Ali Farka Toure:

And great shots of the Niger river: Kora

And the nomadic mystics: Moving Away.

It features the legendary Malian vocalist, Kasse Mady Diabate, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Paul Reid and the Gambian Kora virtuoso, Wali Cham

And a wonderful tribute to Farka Toure by Ebo Taylor playing at the residence of Mr. Mats Karlsson, Accra, Ghana.


And a blues house party from the diaspora:


Now this is a place for  the contemplative life. Thanks to Guy who discovered it.

And great music in the background. Kora based.



AND a little more hard core: Ba Cissoko

And from Bamako, Habib Koite: very traditional. Music only no visuals.

OR (with visuals)

info on the artist: