Ali Farka: Two Trains

A great session.

Two trains a running.

The other guitarist?

It is not a Jeff Harrison.

Covers: Little  Feat



Zinamuva and Others

A great Zulu choir.

And another good piece from the series, playing for change.

And from a cameo from that: Toumani Diabate: 76th generation Kora player

And his good friend: Ali Farka Toure:

And great shots of the Niger river: Kora

And the nomadic mystics: Moving Away.

It features the legendary Malian vocalist, Kasse Mady Diabate, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Paul Reid and the Gambian Kora virtuoso, Wali Cham

And a wonderful tribute to Farka Toure by Ebo Taylor playing at the residence of Mr. Mats Karlsson, Accra, Ghana.


And a blues house party from the diaspora: